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 * 6 or 7 days in a luxury jungle Yacht, anchored near the meeting of the Rio Arirarrá and Rio Negro, in a region rich in fishing spots, both giant tucunarés and leatherfish.

* Yacht will be moored and not sailing so we can offer free Wi-Fi and artesian well water in taps and shower (More convenience, hygiene and health). But there is a possibility that we may be mobile for a few days in case of leakage of pickets in our region.

* Comfortable suites with: 2 single beds, air conditioning, cooler with ice and drinks, private bathroom with glass box, hot water;

* The yacht has 19 suites with 2 single beds! As photos in the attachment.

* On dates with up to 19 people all will be in single rooms (1 person per suite)!

* On dates with classes over 20 people there will be some double rooms, for example: 20 people = 01 double room, 18 single rooms; 30 people = 11 double rooms, 08 single rooms; 38 people = 19 double rooms!

* Bar and Restaurant with panoramic view of the river, photos in the annex. With regional, national and international cuisine.

* Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks.

* Lunches at the Hotel (if advised the day before); barbecue on the beautiful beaches of the rivers or sandwiches, as option of each group .

* Natural juices, sodas, waters (tonic, sparkling ); 4 types of beers (at least 1 pure malt such as Heineken); Whiskey 8 years, Campari, Imported Vodka, Imported Gin and Sake and Special Drinks.

* Wifi; TV Room, Free Laundry Service, Water from artesian well.

* Exclusive family environment and specialized care for couples and families.

* On-site coordination and fishing consultancy by ERIBERT MARQUEZ at the Hotel.

* Beach with white sand at the door, with transportation to it, beach service with cooler, sunbeds and Ombrelones.

* Personalized service with well trained and valued hotel staff, consequently more motivated.

* Impeccable maintenance of the structure .

* Safe boarding and disembarking, as the area will be sheltered from storms and bunkers.

* Social and environmental respect for using sewage treatment, selective garbage collection, composting, floating energy solar services, support to local communities, among others.






 *1 night at the Tryp Hotel (Ex-Nóbile) in Manaus in double rooms (If personal data is sent up to 7 days before the trip).

*The chartered roundtrip flight from Manaus to Barcelos shared with the entire group in the same trip , at the fixed times.

*1 transfer shared with the whole group in Manaus, from the Hotel to the Airport on the way to Barcelos.

*Groups of 10 people or more arriving in Manaus at the same time get 1 transfer from the airport to the Hotel (* If arrival flight details are sent up to 7 days before arrival).

*2 transfers in and out in Barcelos shared with the whole group: Airport - Hotel; Hotel - Airport. Only at set times and destinations.

*1 Municipal tourism tax charged by Barcelos City Hall since 2018.




  *Flight tickets from your city to Manaus.

*Extra hosting, extra transfers, extra Charter flights, luggage overweight, meals and other expenses in Manaus.

*Reels, lines and hooks must be bought by fishermen or rented at the Lodge.

*Other beverages not-mentioned may be brought by fishermen (respecting the 33,07 lbs/person weight limit of the charter flight).

*Tipping is not included and the amounts are free (we may suggest an average tipping per Team).

*Any other expenses not-mentioned in the included items.