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A new and differentiated sport fishing operation was created in Barcelos/AM and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro/AM, which will certainly cause a revolution in the concepts and standards of sport fishing in the Amazon. Our goal is to provide a high standard fishing trips at the region.



- High performance (fishing trips in Bass Boats Mega Bass with 115 HP CT Mercury)

- Luxury jungle Yacht inside the Amazon forest at Rio Negro, Barcelos, Amazonas, Brazil.

- The best freshwater region in the world to practice sport fishing.

- The biggest Peacockbass in the world.

- Dynamism and high productivity levels on River Negro and its tributaries.

- Packages options (4, 6 and 7 days)

- Packages for pairs (2 up to 24 fishermen), being 2 people per boat and .

- Packages for trios (3 up to 38 fishermen), being 3 people per boat.

- High standards service, offering great comfort, safety and High standard all-inclusive system.




Eribert Marquez innovated the Amazon with a very different fishing operation: Amazon Xplor! Nothing best a former professional high-performance fishing guide to understanding what a fishing operation needs to be TOP and truly pleasing its customers. Anyone who knows Eribert Marquez knows his credibility, his character and his tireless efforts for quality, comfort, the best technologies, the best brands, the best products, perfectionism in his services and respect for his collaborators and suppliers.


It is also important to mention their important contributions to the preservation of nature and fish stocks as well as social responsibility with the communities living in their fishing regions and with their team of collaborators (all from the region).


This proven work history counts a lot for your credibility in the marketplace!






From 2016 to 2019 we operate in Santana Rio Negro Lodge . It was a very important partnership, but in December 2019 came to an end. So, from 2020 we will have a new accommodation structure in Barcelos: The great Yacht Ana Beatriz!


It´s because our commitment and our mission is to improve our quality and customer satisfaction!



The most commonly found fishes are: Tucunarés Açús or Peacock bass (Cichla temensis), Tucunarés Borboletas (Cichla orinocensis), Pirararas, Piraíbas, Aruanãs, Pirarucús, among others.


We will provide very experienced native guides from the region. Still, they will be constantly trained by Eribert Marquez, who will manage the operation and go to all boats in order the assist the guides, take images and pictures of all customers.


Sport fishing only: Catch and release!



Our mission is total customer satisfaction. We will spare no efforts in order to get you there.


Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Amazonas (AM), Brazil are the worldwide capital of Freshwater Sport Fishing. Almost all IGFA world records for Tucunaré Açú came from Barcelos’ waters.

Come fish with us in great style in the enchanting waters of River Negro and its tributaries (mainly Demeni, Itú, Arirarrá, Paraná da Floresta and Bafuana), among other excellent fishing areas.

This region inside the Amazonian biome offers many attractions, not only with its specimens and the adrenaline involved in fishing, but also with the contemplation of gorgeous scenery, formed by untouched forests, huge flooded areas, white sand beaches and 1/3 of the world’s biodiversity. A truly unforgettable experience!





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